I make work that attempts to decode the sun, the cosmos, and our origin through the utopian task of materializing sunlight. I translate ephemeral sun events into physical forms, experimenting with how materiality impacts our experience of light.

Using a wide range of materials, I have developed an intuitive visual language to create a series of sculptures that often reject objecthood--sheer lightweight silk sways as the viewer approaches and disrupts the surrounding air, intricate glass webs veer in and out of invisibility, texturally rich surfaces beg for a closer look but remain mysterious upon inspection.

My photographs explore gendered anatomical forms derived from these solar refractions. While in Western cultures the sun is seen as masculine, historically the sun’s gender has changed to suit the needs of the culture interpreting it. The fluidity of the sun’s gender, and of gender in general, is portrayed in my aluminum dye sublimation prints. The spectral forms and slivers of variegated color on the metal surface suggest a chemical process as their origin. The bilaterally symmetrical compositions alternatively suggest a womb, tunnel, protrusion, or shaft. The works question traditional notions of “natural” and its associated binaries and hierarchies.

My process is an enactment of a ritualistic studio practice of sun worship and proto-science. I investigate the sun because of its singular universality. I feel that a common visual language, one that articulates the few universal truths, can be arrived at via the sun.

All images copyright Alison Kudlow. All rights reserved. 

Recent and Upcoming Shows


Experiencing Light: Interview With Alison Kudlow

Create Magazine feature

The 2018 Flat File: Year Five

Group show

December 1 – December 17, 2017 with an opening reception Friday, December 1, 6-9pm

Tiger Strikes Astroid New York, 1329 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Glass Ceiling: Art of Resilience and Fragility

Group show curated by Osman Can Yerebakan

On view November 8- January 13, 2018
Opening reception: Wednesday, November 8 from 6-8

Urban Glass, Agnes Varis Art Center, 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Featuring work from Adel Abdessemed, A.K. Burns & Katherine Hubbard, Alexandra Ben-Abba, Anna Campbell, Jes Fan, Louise Lawler, Jennifer Wen Ma, Suzanne McClelland, Omar Mismar, Sable Elyse Smith, and Louis Zoellar Bickett.

Color: Primary to Tertiary

Group show curated by Lilly Wei

In view November 3 - December 3, 2017

Opening reception: Friday November 3, 6-9pm

Site:Brooklyn 165 7th St. Brooklyn, 11215

Art Uncovered Podcast

Interview with Kimberly Ruth

Revealing Reflected Refractions

Group show curated by Jonathan Cowan and Rachael Gorchov.

August 4 – September 10, 2017 with an opening reception Friday, August 4, 6-9pm

Tiger Strikes Astroid New York, 1329 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Featuring work from Andy An, Karin Ferrari, Hai-Hsin Huang, and Nooshin Rostami


Group show curated by Melinda Wang.

July 26 - August 26, 2017 with an opening reception on Wednesday, July 26, 6-8pm

Doing/Living, 218 West 57th Street, Second Floor, New York, NY.

Featuring work from Reut Asimini, Charlotte Becket, Christopher Beckman, Alva CalyMayor, Graciela Cassel, Amie Cunat, Jeremy Haik, Roxanne Jackson, Ambre Kelly, Aaron Krach, Otto Milo, Jonathan Rider, Ross Sonnenberg, Christopher Stout, Brett Swenson and Jenny Wong-Stanley

Signaling to ^ the Cipher ^ towards a Segway

Group show curated by Jesse David Penridge.

May 5th - June 11th, 2016 with an opening reception on May 5th, 6-8pm

Field Projects, 526 W 26th St #807, New York, NY.

Featuring work from Austin Ballard, Rory Baron, Sarah E. Brook, Pat Byrne, Abigail Collins, Sean Dustan-Halliday, Carla Edwards, MaDora Frey, Tricia Keightley, Myeongsoo Kim, Mary NaRee Laube, and Jessie Rose Vala.


School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2019: MFA Candidate

Brandeis University
2007: Received a Post-Baccalaureate Degree in Studio Art.

University of Southern California
2003: Received a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema-Television Production.
Minored in Interactive Multimedia.